...and what to focus on instead of success vs. failure.

February 2023

How leaders can create ripples of resilience in their organizations...and beyond

January 2023

Change initiatives, story arcs, and universal conflicts
Why we sometimes stick with a decision or course of action even when evidence suggests we're wrong—and what to do about it!

October 2022

Part 4 of a series on effective communication...a process for exploring uncharted or difficult territory
Part 3 of a series on effective communication...asking good questions and applying skills for deeply attentive listening

September 2022

Part 2 of a series on effective communication...building the foundation for effective understanding, exploration, and problem-solving
Part 1 of a series on effective communication.

August 2022

Three levels of intersection between organizational culture and change implementation
Organizational cynicism and the long tail of poorly-implemented change

July 2022

Strokes, Pastimes, and Games (and Warm Fuzzies)
I'm OK / You're OK: Organizational change insights from Transactional Analysis